Alexandra is an opportunistic go-getter whose passion is unlocking the full potential of nurses looking for more out of life. 

She lives by the beach in Wilmington, NC with her hubby, new baby girl, pug, and GSP and loves having the freedom and presence with them that comes with being an entrepreneur. She has been a Registered Nurse for 9 years, a Travel Nurse for 5 years, and a Travel Nurse Recruiter for just over 1 year. 

Alexandra loves all things travel. She has taken 10 travel contracts, worked with 6 different agencies and lived in 13 cities. One year she lived in 4 states! She has visited 10 countries, many of which were between Travel Nurse assignments.



A shift change in 2016 became the most pivotal moment of her life.

She will never forget (or be more grateful for) the morning she gave report to the two new Travel Nurses on the floor. She knew little to nothing about Travel Nursing before that conversation but quickly learned that these friends were living the dream - fulfilled, traveling the country and making significantly more money than her. Let’s just say, the rest is history. 

Fast forward 5 years. After picking a new home base, buying her first house and settling down post Hawaii assignment (the grand finale!), Alexandra decided to explore the remote nursing world. She worked in 2 different remote roles, the second being for a Travel Nurse agency as a recruiter. 

The recruiting position revealed a calling to help nurses actualize their dreams and brought her Travel Nurse journey full circle. Placing hundreds of Travel Nurses at assignments across the country solidified her desire to support travelers in a more impactful way - one in which she wished she had been supported as a brand new Travel Nurse, cue Aloha Travel Nurse!

Alexandra is an expert in the Travel Nursing industry who provides insider knowledge and invaluable resources for her clients. Her passion for the opportunities afforded by Travel Nursing has inspired her to be a light for prospective travelers ready to break the mold. With her years of diverse experience, Alexandra is committed to lead you to an exhilarating venture of freedom, exploration and opportunities. She will be your guide and teammate cheering you on as you start your new life of adventure!

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