Negotiation Tips and Contract Essentials Mini Course

Video lessons with worksheets and calculators to show you how to maximize your contract potential!


In addition to video instruction, you'll gain:

1. List of Reimbursements and Contract Negotiations: Gain access to a strategic list of reimbursements and negotiations that you should inquire about. Handle contract negotiations confidently with this comprehensive list of tips to help you get the most out of your contract.

2. Pay and Reimbursement Negotiation Tips: Learn proven strategies to negotiate your pay and reimbursement terms effectively. Our expert tips help you advocate for fair compensation and the reimbursements you deserve.

3. Final Contract Review Checklist: Ensure no detail is overlooked before signing your contract. Our checklist covers the essential elements to review before signing, ensuring you're fully informed about the assignment, expectations, policies, benefits, and more.Feel confident that you're entering into a contract fully informed and prepared. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Aloha Travel Nurse provides educational resources and guidance but does not guarantee specific outcomes or employment.

$39.99 USD